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Hi there! My name is Ashlynn Wilson and I am the creator of 12:4 Muffins. I have always loved baking, I have a heart for helping those in need, and I aspire to follow Proverbs 12:4. In saying that, I have been given the opportunity to partner with the Church of Refuge, and my husband to bring you 12:4 Muffins. With the potential growth of this new addition to the Church, we will be able to help the people in our community as well as members of our Church! I look forward to making you some muffins, that also go to helping those in need. At this time we are only able to complete orders for delivery in Waller, TX and surrounding areas.

We offer three different sized muffins here at 12:4. 

Mini - a bite sized muffin that is bursting with flavor. 

Medium - Your average sized muffin that doesn't skimp on any deliciousness. 

Mega - A  jumbo muffin that brings the same flavor and texture as all the others. 

(Mega sized muffins are sold when we are at markets).  

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